On my first day of creative experimentation, I decided to make my physical appearance more interesting with bold and colorful makeup and nails, inspired by…birds!

Although this look appears to be very colorful, I only used three different colors to create the illusion of the shimmer of a bird’s feathers on my eyelids. First, I started with a shimmery gold shadow, placed on the upper and lower lashlines. Next, I took a dark blue iridescent shadow, and took that halfway up the eyelid all the way into the crease.

Then, the look was finished with a thick liquid eyeliner, that I used to trace around the outside of the shadow and create a sideways “teardrop” shape, rounded through the inside of the eye and extended out to a dramatic cat-eye shape around the edges.

Lastly, I made small downward marks from the lower lashline to the outside of the shape created by the eyeliner, and upwards from the upper lashline to the crease. Voila! Bird of paradise.

In creating the look used on my nails, I painted one single different color in different rainbow shades for the background on each nail to begin, setting the color with a clear polish once it dried.

I then took a thin, black, nail art brush and drew x’s layered on top of each colored nail.

Lastly, I went over this design with a white nail brush, and added horizontal black stripes to finish the look. I have received many comments on this particular look, and although it seems quite complicated, it is really very easy!

(Yes, I wore this in public!)

4 thoughts on “experimentation.

  1. Gorgeous look… really like it! I love the nails, too… must have been very labor intensive, though! Well done 🙂

    The blog looks good so far 🙂 Welcome to the (fashion) blogosphere!

    Love & Cake,


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