LOOKY LOOKY- love, and links!

you know how people are always talking about “food porn” images of incredible photos of things that look delicious? well, if you are like me, that happens with style too!

haha here’s a great mix of the two:

yes, you are seeing these correctly. they are hamburger shoes! haha. so silly.

speaking of wild shoes, one particularly amazing thing I came across this week were these gorgeous rainbow-colored wedges when I came across this awesome blog! ooooh. ahhhhh….psychadelic mind-warp.

oh how I love them. hmmm…I feel a DIY challenge abrewin’!

which also brings me to these fantastic lovelies!

also found here.

they make me think of dinosaurs! and who doesn’t want to wear mini-dinosaurs on their feet, right? 😉

which also brought me to another great blog!
so cool! I am seeing these shoes all over lookbook.nu these days, (designed after the original Louboutin version here– although I actually think that the spikier fakes are more fun!) and as I’m sure you can tell, I LOVE them! hmm maybe a DIY here would be a little too ambitious…? we’ll see. hmmm….

stay tuned!

but if you are a tiny girl like me, and prefer a super high heeled platform version of statement spike-shoes…here are some great ones by Jeffrey Campbell to lust over!

and more spiky shoes here! I love the way Irene Yuen wears these! so fun!

I love her tumblr page too! all the photos are so gorgeous and creative.

and now that I am getting into the whole blogging/social networking thing, I am coming across some very genuinely sweet people who are in the same boat as me- using a blog as a platform for inspiration, and just having fun with it!

One girl that I particularly like is Laura at fashionhypnotised.com. I love her style, she is super-sweet and friendly, and in all her pictures it just seems like she is having so much fun!

I hope you enjoyed these wild shoes, and my first post with link love! and please do me (and the general aesthetics of the world) a favor, and if you are going to opt for crazy on-trend shoes,

try something fun like colorful wedge sneakers shown here… from H&M:

or this one by Ash:

or…if you are a bit more conservative, there are Tom’s!

which are made 100 times better as they donate one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair that you buy! (which-I just learned- they continue to do, every six months for each child until they are 18!) wonderful.

rather than….this.

*shudder*. not even the fun pink color can save them.

keep in touch, and happy shoe-days!



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