style trial: two-tone lips!

haha I look a bit like my mouth is leftover-numb from just getting back from the dentist.

I decided to give the new fashion trend of two-tone lips a try, with orange on top, and pink on the bottom!

this picture was actually from a few days ago, when I was experimenting with a few different makeup looks, and decided to color my eyebrows green, (inspired by incredible makeup looks at )and make my eyeshadow look like a melted box of crayons! haha

TIP: not everyone has tubes of odd-colored lipstick lying around, but no need to worry! you can blot eyeshadow over a sticky lip gloss and it looks just as good!

you can find some other pretty cool examples here

I think next time I’ll use some colors that are a bit more wild (it’s difficult to see the two different colors here)…purple and turquoise perhaps?

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