Runway Fun: Oh Rodarte, How I love you!

Some more eye candy from New York fashion week, from Rodarte!

They are another favorite of mine, as their collections take inspiration from the everyday world and infuse this imaginative curiosity of their surroundings into their clothing in a very artistic way.

I appreciate that they truly experiment with materials and shapes, and love that they can make a collection that stands out, but does not stand as an aesthetic alone as these pieces are all easily wearable for everyday life. (well, maybe not for everyone…but they are to me!) haha.

These are some favorites of mine from their Fall 2012 collection:

And, as you might have guessed, these last two are especially appealing to me, since they remind me of my own personal experimentation with function and aesthetic, in a very similar way! You know what they say, great minds think alike! 😉


Wasn’t this collection absolutely inspiring? I normally don’t even like these colors much, but they are used beautifully in these designs!

I am sure that there will many more upcoming posts on Rodarte as my fascination with them grows, and soon you’ll be an expert on these talented new designers!



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