runway fun: Jeremy Scott

Prepare to be blown away with psychedelic rainbow awesomeness.

Fall/Winter 2012 collection:

this last piece, called the “rainbow wig coat” (my personal favorite of this collection) is made entirely of human hair! whoa! if that’s not bizarre and interesting, I don’t know what is!

Are you in a daze of visual stimulant overload?? I know I am!
Some other takes on the collection-reviewed it as “perfect for Katy Perry”, reminiscent of “when the cool kids wore Bart Simpson merch to grade school in the Nineties” and “a hodgepodge of ’90s references”

As totally bizarre as this collection may be, many bloggers and critics (including myself!) are excited to see such a brazen line, reminding us with the subtlety of a smack in the face of the days (not so long ago) before we were sucked “down the virtual rabbit hole”.

here’s a look back at a few pieces from a more mellow collection of his: Spring/Summer 2012. not quite as wild, but still charmingly quirky.

If you love denim and “cute cowgirl” style, it should be right up your alley!

I think this dress is appropriate to show last of his pieces, haha.


Would you be daring enough wear any of the fall/winter pieces out in public? I’d give it a shot! I think my wardrobe is a bit short on rainbow unicorns and melting smiley faces at the moment, haha.



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