this leap day, TAKE A LEAP!

this leap day, take a leap into some fun ideas for 2012!


If you are an artist, (or envision yourself being one) submit a t-shirt design idea to threadless! you might just win a few hundred dollars, or be chosen to be part of a threadless campaign- like Threadless for GAP!

Enter a short-story writing contest! This isn’t necessarily having anything to do with fashion, but who says fashionistas can’t also be intellectuals? Unleash your inner writer!

Be trendy, and try a daring new 2012 style! Bright yellow dresses, sky-high colorblocked platform shoes, smoky purple eyeshadow- you choose! Here are some fun ideas to use for inspiration.

D.I.Y. and recycle, and make your own on-trend top- with this cool shoulder-baring style! If you don’t mind things a bit messy, all you need is a pair of scissors! Or for those of you that prefer a more sophisticated style, break out the sewing machine!

Have fun, and don’t be a afraid to try something wild today!



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