How to Make a Bad Day Better…with Fashion!

As some of you may know, last week I had the unfortunate experience of finding my car with a smashed window and my laptop and camera gone. It was devastating to see that my most (monetarily) valuable possessions were just taken from me so cruelly, but- I came to realize that I needed to be grateful instead that I was unharmed, and that the only things I lost were physical objects that could be replaced.

However, I was still very rattled and upset over this experience, and needed at least a few distractions to encourage me not to dwell on my losses. This is where fashion comes in the picture!

I have come up with a few ways to use fashion to make a day that might not be so great a little bit better…on a budget! ($0-$2!)

♥ Tip #1 ♥: Do something bold- and bathe in a shower of compliments!

Try out some wild-child eyeshadow like the these fun looks, and you’ll be sure to have people telling you how great it looks all day!

If for some reason the people around you are being too shy to tell you how awesome this fun new look is, just knowing that you tried something interesting and cool can make you feel pretty good.

Tip #2 ♥: Take the time to observe the style of the people around you, and tell them how much you admire it!

Giving compliments to strangers always makes me feel better. Seeing people’s faces will light up when you show that you have noticed something special about their fashion choices or skills will be sure to make you feel good!
If you’re not feeling outgoing, giving compliments online can work too. One place I often do this is on This is my favorite “daily outfit” site, and a great way to tell strangers that you think that they are cool!

However, I think compliments are definitely best received in person.

♥ Tip #3 ♥: Go retro- and wear a fun headscarf!

Easy, simple, cute. Your day is instantly a little more fun.

Tip #4 ♥: Send a postcard to someone whose fashion inspires you.

I really like using the application “postagram” with my iphone, to send out postcards to my friends all the time. They love it, and it makes me happy that it makes them happy. This is a postcard I am sending to my friend, Sharon!

♥ Tip #5 ♥: Learn to do something new with a youtube tutorial.

Here you can learn to apply eyeliner properly with Michelle Phan.

Here, Michelle teaches you how to choose the right shade of red lipstick.

Here you can learn 25 fun and different ways to tie a scarf! This video is so fun and creative.

Here you can learn how to curl your hair with a curling iron. This girl is intense! Haha, but- she taught me how to do this!

this image is of Michelle in one of her more wild tutorials, showing how to do the “Bad Romance” Lady Gaga makeup.

Learning something new will make you feel like even amid all the misfortunes of the rest of your day, you’ll have made an improvement to your beauty knowledge!

♥ Tip #6 ♥: Find someone who is doing something that inspires you, (fashion-related, or not!) and take a moment to think about how many truly awesome people there are in this world.

Then, think of ways that you can do incredible things too!

In the Style section of the SF Chronicle this morning, I found an incredibly inspiring article about a woman who has created a computer game to help people cope with depression, overcome other mental and physical obstacles, and lead happier lives by encouraging them to be their own superhero! What a fabulous idea!

She believes in dressing in ways that make you feel good, even if your style doesn’t fit in with what you think you “should” be wearing. Fashion can be an excellent way to make you feel like a super hero every day.

Read about Jane McGonigal, the creator of the game “SuperBetter” here.

this is the logo for the game. Rainbows! I like it.

Feeling better? Things aren’t all that bad, right?



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