Marni for H&M!

So lately there’s been a lot of fuss over designer collections for affordable prices.

The most recent of course being Marni for H&M!

I know you’ve heard about it…the press for this line has been crazy! But still…for some silly reason, I had it in my head that there would still be a few pieces left the day after the launch, but boy was I wrong! Everything was gone.

I read afterward that there were long, loooong lines at both the Santana Row and San Francisco locations that were holding the collection, as well as some pushing and shoving involved at the stores in L.A.! Whoa.

However, I was able to snag a couple of pieces from ebay! Unfortunately, not at the super-low prices that these were sold at in stores, but still, not too bad. I am still waiting on getting my new camera (since the last one was stolen!) but once I have it, I’ll snap up some pictures for you all! Hooray!

Here are the pieces I swiped:

a really interesting dress with a great graphic print. these aren’t usually colors I wear, but I decided to take a chance with something new.

not the whole look here- just the t-shirt. I loved this fun design. It makes me think of a Picasso painting.

this dress could either look really bad…or great…I guess I’ll have to see! Either way, I’m completely mesmerized by this mix of prints.

I love this t-shirt too- such an interesting design- both playful and chic!

I also scored some super cute and pretty looks from the Jason Wu for Target collection. Plenty of pictures to come!

For the next H&M collaboration I’ll be out there waiting in line, camera in hand, ready to shove! Haha.



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