"Fashion Star" Fabulous!

So if you just finished watching the first episode of the new hit show, Fashion Star, how excited are you about this cute dress by Sarah Parott?!?!?

Personally, I think that the idea of putting the designs into stores the day after the show premieres is genius! How often have you watched a show like Project Runway (or any show, fashion-centered or not) and wished that you could just reach out and own the designs?? Well, now you can!

As for tonight’s winning designs that were purchased for Macy’s (shown above), I found the Kimono-Sleeve Maxi Caftan Dress by Nikki Poulos a little intense (even for me!) in the multi-colored patterned version (4), but really pretty and wearable in the white eyelet (1).

The Sleeveless Halter Dress by Edmond Newton (3) was very pretty, and would definitely be something I would add to my closet! The photo doesn’t capture the detail very well, but in the show, you can see how pretty the fabric is.

Lizzie Parker’s Asymmetrical Jersey Tunic (2) was very edgy and pretty, and would also be something I could see myself wearing. Well done, designers!

The skirt for Saks I found very cute (and loved the idea of it being easily convertible into another design through the attached zipper!), but at that price tag- well, there’s a reason why I don’t shop at Saks Fifth Ave!

The Blazer by Nzimiro was stylish, but I felt it was a little bit uninteresting.

Since I missed out on the premiere of Marni for H&M in stores, I WILL NOT miss out on this!! Catch me tomorrow morning in H&M at Santana Row, snatching up my favorite design- the dress by Sarah Parott (possibly in both the blue and the black colors). As luck would have it, I am actually supposed to be at Santana Row tomorrow anyway for an interview! Perfect!

I just ordered my new camera from Amazon today, so I will able to take daily outfit photos again soon, so I’ll have these outfit posts up as soon as possible. And, I will let you know how it goes buying up my Fashion Star looks tomorrow- (I’m hoping for some craziness- I’m ready to shove and pull hair if it comes down to it! Haha. Juuuuust kidding. Or am I…?) Bwahaha.

Either way, I’m definitely ready for some gossip over which designers I like and who I think should be kicked off! haha. I’m excited about seeing more of Ronnie Escalante– a San Francisco representative, (yay!) and a graduate from The Academy of Art University, a sister school to my fashion program! (Double yay!)

Isn’t he just the cutest???

Just think…someday that could be me… (sighhhh…which is very easy to picture as I would totally wear that outfit! Ha.)

But, in all seriousness, I don’t actually know if I even want to go into design yet- I’m due for an update here on how my sewing classes are going- then you can decide if I should continue, or just give up and stick with another part of fashion! Haha.

And of course, there’s plenty more Fashion Star fun to chat about with the interesting array of judges on this show- Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie…together on one show??? I feel like Jessica is like a sweet, cute, fragile little bunny, and Nicole is like a wiry super-outspoken flesh-hungry bobcat. (watch out, Jessica!) However, I think Nicole has calmed down bit with motherhood leaving her notorious “Simple Life” days with Paris behind, but I kind-of admire her spunky sharp wit of those days. Hmm, we’ll see what happens!

As for Elle (“the body”) MacPherson, I don’t have much to say about her personality…well, since her body usually does all the talking- so I’m a little intrigued to see what comes out of her mouth!

John Varvatos, (the other guy,) I didn’t recognize at first by the photo- but of course upon hearing his name knew immediately who he was. However, I still have no idea about what he might be like as a judge. Hmm… I guess we will all find out as the season progresses! I’ll try to keep up with each episode- watch them along with me and we’ll chat!

And, of course, let me know if you pick up some of these super-cute winning looks in stores too!



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