"Fancyman" vs. fancy pants

Move over, reality tv! I found a show with a storyline, comedy, and fabulous fashion all in one place! Isn’t that just the perfect combination?


But first, to follow up with my post from last week, I thought I should talk a little about the winning “Fashion Star” looks from last night’s show. So, I wasn’t totally blown away enough to make a trip over to H&M, or Macy’s, or Saks Fifth Ave (yeah, right!) but if I am the area tomorrow and the pants by Sarah are still there, I might give them a try.

Meh. I will be more impressed if somehow they magically look AMAZING on my body…because right now I am feeling a bit bored with them! The other designs for Macy’s and Saks Fifth Ave were equally unimpressive in my opinion. However, these styles are supposed to be extremely marketable, (and most consumers like predictable clothes) so this is really where the problem lies. Hmmm.

Now here’s something that I found much more exciting in the land of t.v. and fashion- Zooey Deschanel’s wardrobe from the newest episode of “New Girl” titled, “Fancyman”!

Not only was this show HILARIOUS (my sister and I were laughing out loud through the entire episode) it also reminded me of the annoying, silly and strange situations you run into when being a teacher. (For those of you who don’t know, I used to be a kindergarten teacher in the U.S., and an elementary school English teacher in Taiwan, so this really hit home for me!)

This is totally me as a teacher. Hahaha. Thankfully I never had to teach sex-ed, but there were many classes that I spent with a large sign around my neck for theatrical purposes in the attempt of trying to engage the students.

I think I kinda fell in love with Russell a little bit, a father of one of Jess’s students played by Dermot Mulroney (who you may remember from “My Best Friend’s Wedding”so cute in that movie!) and really fell in love with Jess even more! Ha maybe it’s because she reminds me of my goofy self a bit, which is probably the case for a lot of girls- or maybe it just makes me really conceited, haha.

But…in my defense, my boyfriend once told me that Zooey Deschanel’s character on “New Girl” reminded him of me- (and a close friend told me this as well) which I considered a major complement! Yesssss.

photos: wetpaint.com

Aren’t the two of them just dreamy together? And I can’t get enough of this green dress and blue sweater combination! So sweet!

The fabulous style on this show is reminding me how far I have fallen behind on my past fashion-on-tv series, Gossip Girl! Perhaps it’s time to laze up on a comfy spot on the couch and catch up!



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