Hungry for "The Hunger Games" Fashion!

So, you’ve certainly heard quite a lot about “The Hunger Games” by now, but have you had a chance to see the movie yet? I thought I would give you a week after its premiere to see it before posting all of the costumes here (SPOILER ALERT) as they are shown below!

I like that a lot of detail was given to these training outfits. I think you really get feel of a science-fiction film here. It reminds me of Battlestar Galactica.

However, these costumes were fantastic! I love the science fiction elements of these outfits that Peeta and Katniss wore to the presentation ceremony as well- and would totally wear an outfit like this even as a non-tribute, haha.

The wardrobe choices for the interviews I found a little bland to be honest- and seemed too normal to me. Pretty, but not exactly wild. I wish that they had shown the costumes the tributes had worn when they were first presented! Of course they showed Katniss and Peeta, but only quickly skimmed past the others in filming the scene.

And Stanley Tucci’s impeccable performance as Caesar Flickerman along with his (fantastic!) blue hair was perfection.

Also, on the lines of performance, I thought that Josh Hutcherson was incredible as Peeta.

And, I think Seneca Crane’s awesome facial hair styling speaks for itself!

My personal favorite costumes were those of Effie Trinket and the people of the Capitol! So wild, zany and colorful!

It certainly helped that Elizabeth Banks was 100% spot-on for playing my imagined version of Effie from the books. She was fantastic! And the clothes just made her character perfect.

This last one may be my favorite. Ha ha!

Plus, I was also LOVING Jennifer Lawrence’s gold dress that she wore to the premiere in L.A. Gorgeous.


Let me know what you thought of The Hunger Games movie!

and…for upcoming posts…I have my new camera and some new pictures to put up soon! Excited? Did you miss my goofy face? haha.



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