She keeps going and going and going….

Picturing myself as the Energizer Bunny here. And speaking of bunnies, Happy Easter!

So much is going on right now!

As you may already know, I am doing two different internships right now- both of which have been keeping me busy! That along with being a full-time student AND being about to get another job keeps me constantly running from one thing to the next!

The first internship I have is working with local fashion designer Kathleen van der Spek as her assistant.

These are some shots from the last photo shoot, for Spring/Summer collection.

I am helping her with her everyday tasks such as cutting out fabric for design samples, contributing ideas for marketing, and also sometimes contributing ideas for design! It has only been a few weeks since we have been working together, and I feel like I have learned so much already!

Tomorrow I am assisting on a photo shoot for her Fall/Winter design collection. I will be doing the model’s hair, and helping with composition and fit of the clothing. This is my first professional photo shoot, so I am very excited!

This is Amanda, the model that I will be working with.

I will be taking some “behind the scenes” photos to share here later, and giving all the juicy details of what goes on at a fashion shoot!

I have also been busy doing window display and visual merchandising for Loft boutique in Burlingame.

This is my window design! (Sorry about how reflective the photo is)

here’s a side-view.

ok ok, time to sleep- I have a big day tomorrow!

Here’s the hair style I’ll be doing for the photo shoot tomorrow (in a practice run) on my friend Kristin:

The look is inspired by the film noir screen sirens of the 1940s.

until then, I’ll be sending you Hello Kitty Easter bunny kisses! (aren’t these glasses from Sharon AMAZING??)



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