"Discarded to Divine" up-cycled fashion event!

After taking classes that have looked closely at the negative impacts the apparel industry has on the environment, the Discarded to Divine show at the De Young museum in San Francisco was a much needed breath of fresh air!

Seeing how resourceful the designers were with previously-used materials was a source of major inspiration to steer my future career onto a more eco-friendly path. All of the designs were created from discarded items, ranging from blankets, to curtains to just other old clothes.

Of course, the De Young museum is already so fantastic in so many ways (inside and out!) that I don’t really need a specific excuse to go, but the Discarded to Divine show was definitely a must-see. (Soon I’ll also be going to see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit! I’m VERY excited for that visit)

Most of the clothes showcased at this event were created with such precision that you could not tell that they had ever come from something else, but I was definitely amused by this tongue-in-cheek design that makes it very clear that a dress was not the original use of the fabric!

I was also able to meet some of the designers, such as Tyese Cooper, who specializes in up-cycled clothing design, shown here with her lovely reversible coat. She was very sweet and friendly, and clearly very enthusiastic about her work. What a fantastic lady!

Some of the other designers included Olivia Griffin, who works at the local millinery business, Paul’s Hat Works, no doubt keeping San Francisco, ( and as you can see on their site, the president!) stylish! If you are interested in the business of custom-made hats, check out this article on her shop.

Her creation was this outrageously fun yellow coat with kelly green detailing, and of course, a hat to complete the look!

I also had fun meeting Alexander Zeek, of Phoenix Designs, whose “carousel skirt” was definitely a personal favorite. I would definitely wear this! So cute and creative.

There were also jewelry and home design entries which were also fabulous, but I was focused on the clothes!

and by that of course I mean not only the pieces entered, but the fabulous outfits of the participating guests!

One of the entries was made by a classmate of mine in the fashion design program at my school- fancy that! But next year I’ll be in the running as well, and will of course let you know how it goes along the way.

Until then, I will be working on my first few creations- including the fairly ambitious project of making a dress for my friend to wear to her cousin’s wedding next week!

I’m watching this for more inspiration to create, and maybe do this!

Maybe it was a crazy idea since this is officially my first dress, but I figured that it was worth a try. So far I have the fabric and pattern and materials all picked out and ready to go- now all I need to go is get sewing! Wish me luck!



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