Busy Times, Crazy Times

So, as many of you know, I have been very very busy lately trying to keep up with life! Last weekend I spent all Sunday hair modeling for Rusk at the San Jose Convention Center Hair Show- an all day event!

I had actually wanted to do hair modeling again since I helped out a local salon try their new products a couple of months ago, so I was surprised when someone approached me on the street and asked if I wanted to model for this event! Of course I said yes. I have never really been a “model” for anything professional before, but I certainly got a taste of what it is like from that perspective! This is the girl who cut my hair, in action:

Being tossed around and “fancied up” and ushered over to one spot, ushered over to another spot, and told to do this and that to display the work of others on your body is quite an interesting experience! The strangest part was when I was taken on stage, and they cut my hair in front of an audience!

Other than the occasional hair-modeling event, currently I am juggling two internships, full-time school, full-time work, and of course, a blog! So, it is quite a lot! Most of what has been keeping me busy is my newest job is working at Santana Row.

I am currently working in a sales position (soon to be assistant manager!) at San Francisco Shirt Company.

Don’t be fooled by the name- this is actually not much of a “shirt company” at all, but mainly but a custom gown making shop. The shop also sells a collection of ready-to-wear pieces (shown below)- though times are a-changin’!

Soon, the format of the company will be completely redesigned, the location where I work will be closed, I will be sent off to work at another location nearby! The women’s collection will be much more limited and mainly be focused on the gowns, which is very exciting! The designer, Angelina Haole, has promised to include me in the custom dress making process, so you’ll be hearing a lot more about that soon! And maybe you’ll be seeing some behind-the-scenes fashion show pictures as well! The dress featured here in a fashion show is currently in the store!

Though I will be working in the partnering men’s store (Franco Uomo) helping to sell custom suits, I will also be very involved in the process of custom dressmaking! (Which is actually what I originally wanted to do! Hooray!) Here are some of Angelina’s custom dresses:

But, all of this news was only just revealed after I had worked for a little less than two weeks, so it’s all happening very quickly!

And speaking of “custom dressmaking” you may be wondering how my own personal dress-making project is going. Although my original intention was to have a dress all done and ready to go for my friend to wear to her cousin’s wedding, as you may have guessed at this point, I completely ran out of time! However, I still want to continue making the dress so that she may have it for a future occasion, so I will still be featuring it here! I just need to find some time to do it! This is about how far I got before realizing it wasn’t going to work:

As for my internships, I am still doing window displays for Loft in Burlingame, and also still working for Kathleen van der Spek. The latest work I did for Kathleen was writing snazzy write-ups for her online clothing shop. The newest display for Loft I am designing for next week is going to be using rolled papers, inspired by some artful and lovely pins that I found on Pintrest (which is excellent for artistic inspiration!) So…it may turn out something like…this! I was thinking of making frames like this to hang in front of the mannequins:

I might include something like this as well:

Of course I will keep you updated on everything, with photos and all the juicy details! Au Revoir! -Camille

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