Balancing Act

With so much going on at once I am now faced with the question:

How am I going to manage everything that is going on in my life without burning myself out?

(My incredibly busy schedule has been a common topic here lately, but for good reason!)

 My life has been such a balancing act the past few weeks, I am forced to take a good look at my priorities, and where I want to spend my time, as I now have so little of it free! At up to 45 hours of work per week now (and average six hours of sleep per night), I am realizing that it is all a bit much.

Though I love my new work and am excited for upcoming prospects, I also love being in school and learning about fashion design, clothing construction and apparel marketing. However, (as you found with my last post) I have had absolutely NO time to work on apparel construction! And as creating my own clothes was one of my main goals for this year, that is completely unacceptable!

I came across this cute splash page on the Modcloth website when looking for cute “work appropriate” clothes (which is a challenge for me, as many of you know I do not like to conform in any way with my clothing choices!), and it really made me think about what “pursuing my ambitions” truly means.

I had originally thought that if I work as hard as I possibly can and don’t stop for a minute for the next couple of years or so, things would be sure to happen for me faster and more efficiently, but I can see now that managing a million things at once for weeks on end will only lead to an inevitable breakdown, and down time and relaxation is just as important as work in order to stay productive and focused!

After all, I am not very good at hiding my true feelings in my facial expressions, and if I appear to be stressed and exhausted every day while at work, it is unlikely that people will want to buy items from the store when they are aware of all the negative energy I would exude. Plus, positive energy attracts the attention of others, and makes people more interested in you and your brand as an individual!

A couple of days while walking to work I saw this cool-looking swimsuit in the H&M window:

and my first thought was: “when will I ever have time for swimming? I have too much to do!” This instantly horrified me, considering that swimming happens to be one of my favorite things to do in life! It was then that I realized that in these past few weeks I may have taken on too much.

So now, as I choose classes for next semester, I will have to decide what stays and what goes. Obviously, I will need to work less- 45 hours is far too much, especially when I originally planned on taking around 25 to 30 hours per week- so that I could keep up with school and still have at least one day off. I know that I need to focus more on school, so I will be taking apparel construction again during the summer, and am also considering taking on a “fashion entrepreneurship” class that I think will be very informative!

I will let you know what happens once I decide. Until then, I will try to keep up with regular blog posts, try to get enough sleep each night, and somehow- until I get everything straightened out- stay afloat!

And, I WILL find time to go swimming this summer- (and maybe in this swimsuit!) because I love swimming and it makes me happy. And THAT is reason enough.



2 thoughts on “Balancing Act

  1. Awww, Camille! I certainly hope you find the time for swimming this summer, as well as lots of other fun summer things! It's important to have time to yourself and not to get too stressed! Love the H&M suit, as well…

    take care, dear <3



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