Floral and Frustration

For nearly the past two months now, I have been completely overwhelmed with school and work, and though my current semester of school is nearly over, work still continues to be a challenge in terms of keeping up with everything else in life, as I have so little time to spare. I feel like I am constantly scrounging for a spare moment just to relax!

I was, however, able to squeeze in one quick shoot of my styling of H&M spring floral prints!

But, that’s it for now! Tonight I need to give a presentation in class showcasing a fashion line that I have created (including all of the details of production, costs, shipping, fabric choice, design integration, etc) and I am completely unprepared!

That is what I will be doing for the remainder of my “day off” (which is actually quite a joke, since I don’t really ever have a day off in reality!) It will be quite a rush- but I think I can do it!

And until I am able to write a full-length post, here are some links about the past week’s and current happenings in fashion!

Metropolitan Museum gala gowns!
❤ The end of a hair styling legend
❤ A surprising new direction for Christian Louboutin
❤ In anticipation of the upcoming event: a look back at Cannes Film Festival fashion 

I will have a new work and school schedule soon, so I am definitely changing things in upcoming months. Then I will have more time for posts! (and as I mentioned before…swimming!) 




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