Making Choices

This is my outfit from Saturday, which was a perfect mix of comfort and style for writing on the short story I am currently working on while relaxing at a nearby cafe. 

❤ top: H&M
❤ fedora: H&M (got it on sale for $2! amazing!)
❤ red jeans: American Apparel

As you may have noticed, I redesigned my blog a bit, and will be continuing with new renovations soon! I wanted the new format to include larger photos and personalize the background a bit more…so some fun additional changes are underway!

Also, the delay in posting is due to the obnoxious perfectionist in me that wanted to make sure that I had everything ready and perfect for my next new post! However, that was taking waaay too long, so decided to go ahead with this one first. Making (even small!) decisions has seemed so difficult lately! But…maybe it’s because I feel like I have so many decisions to make right now. 

In the past few weeks I have found myself at a juncture in life with no idea of how to proceed next. I have in front of me a multitude of options of how to go about my future, but I can’t seem to find a way to decide which choice is the “right” one. 

Since graduating college in 2008, I have been traveling around the world- and while I explored new places and met new people everywhere I went, I found myself at my absolute happiest. There is something about being thrown into the unknown that appeals to me so much- and now I find myself craving those feelings of excitement that come from traveling and living abroad.

When I was living in Taiwan a year ago, I had those feelings constantly. Though I became familiar with the geography and the food and the culture, the language remained a challenge- and the differences that I experienced in being in Taiwan versus being in the U.S. made living there feel exhilarating.

In the past year since I have been back, I have explored my love of fashion, art and design. It has been wonderful taking sewing classes and learning about the fashion industry, but there is such a strong part of me now that craves travel. It’s shocking to think that the last time I was even on a plane at all was nine months ago- taking a trip to visit my sister in Seattle. With that little travel in my life, it’s no wonder I feel restless!

I am also finding myself missing my days in Taipei, and wanting to return and live there again. It would be so easy to find another job teaching, and I could write about Taiwanese fashion while abroad! But there are people in my life that I hesitate to leave, and opportunities here that could lead me to a more stable future…

yet…knowing myself, stability often is the exact opposite of what I want!

How can I possibly make a decision?


Confused x’s and o’s,


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