Weekend Inspiration: Gaultier and Cavalia

I’ve been dying to make it over to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the San Francisco De Young Museum for months, but found myself continually too busy and out of town too often to see it. So when I finally had the chance to see it yesterday morning, I was so excited!

It was just as fantastic as I had hoped it might be- and after being shown so much of the business and production and marketing of the fashion industry, it made me remember once again the creative mastery of wearable design that can be expressed through fashion. While poring over the lavishly decorated mannequins, I was able to snap up a few photos to share with you of the genius of his work. Enjoy!

I especially liked the costumes that were displayed from “The Fifth Element.” Do you know I’ve never seen that film? Now I’ve decided that it is high on my list of must watch movies!

Following the magical world of Jean Paul Gaultier yesterday morning, today I was immersed into yet another fantastical place- the imaginings of Cirque Du Soleil, with their newest show, Cavalia.

After seeing Ka many years ago in Las Vegas, I was blown away by the mesmerizing combination of acrobatic feats and graceful, strange, beautiful, and surreal performance art of Cirque du Soleil. And this particular performance, centered around the unique addition of a cast of fifty horses, was quite different from what I had seen before, but no less impressive.

                                                  Cavalia photos: denverpost.com

As you can see, it was an incredible show. Seeing both Jean Paul Gaultier’s exhibit and Cavalia in one weekend certainly made me feel more inspired to be creative! There is something so magical about dramatic, imaginative imagery that really appeals to me, and I am realizing more and more that I would like to use more of this sort of aesthetic in the things I do.

After my last post, you may be wondering at this point where I am in the decision making process of whether I will stay here or return to Taiwan. The answer, I cannot say- as I still haven’t decided! However, I am sending out my resume to a job hunting company with specific details of what type of position I would like, and now am leaving it up to the universe to decide whether or not I will go- depending on whether I can find my perfect job there!

I realized that after so  much indecision I had to figure out some absolutes in order to move forward, and so I will now give myself (and the outside world) until the end of August to find (not not find) me a job there to determine where I will be from now on!

But whatever happens, I will still always be…here!



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