Made it Myself!

As you may know, I have been studying fashion design for the past semester, and recently enrolled in a beginning clothing construction course! Hooray!

The class was much more challenging than I had anticipated, (held in four-hour blocks late at night 6pm-10pm) but was also really fun and informative- and was definitely worth all those nights I sat working away at the sewing machine with a loudly growling stomach! 

And, in the end, I learned how to make a top, a skirt, a pair of pants and a vest- not bad for a single course!

Here is the top I made:

I used a very simple t-shirt pattern to make this, and just altered a few things (such as the neckline and the length) to make it a little more suited to my style, as the pattern was actually made for a large, plain t-shirt.

It had actually started out as a t-shirt dress, but I wasn’t very happy with it the shape- so I chopped it in half -to instead make a cropped top and a skirt! (I will show the skirt later.)

I wanted to include a link to some step by step instructions for you to try it yourself, but I couldn’t find any decent ones to share! So, I think I may have to take it upon myself to make some instructions to post!

What do you think?

As for for my decision about moving to Taiwan, I had JUST decided that I was definitely going to go (as I had been offered several jobs and a room in the apartment of a close friend) when almost immediately I found out that my closest friend Sharon, (and a huge reason for me to want to be there) might be leaving for a year to teach at a University in Macau! (Noooooo!!!)

So….at this point, I think I may just go anyway and hope with all my might that she stays and finds a wonderful fabulous job in Taipei instead…so I guess I will start looking up plane tickets!

Exciting!!! I’ll let you know when the decision is 100% FINAL, haha.



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