Hot Springs Happiness

For the ultimate natural beauty treatment and a relaxing trip outside the city – a half-day long dip in the Taiwanese hot springs was the perfect remedy for an over-stressed mind and body.
shoes: H&M
necklace: gifted from my sister
tank top: GAP
shorts: Guess
Another crazy week of living in Taiwan has passed, and finally I had the chance to get out of the city and venture over to Wulai!

Wulai (烏來) is a beautiful mountainous region outside the Xindian (新店) area of Taipei that is famous for both its serenely picturesque landscapes as well as its natural hot springs. 

The original plan for the weekend had been to take a trip to the beach, but with heavy rain all day on Saturday, even sunny weather on Sunday would still mean strict rules on swimming, as well as plenty of debris on the beach. In the end I was glad that I ended up in Wulai, as a relaxing dip in the hot springs was just what I had needed after a few weeks in busy Taipei. 

the surrounding air was so steamy that I found it very difficult to focus my camera!

It was so lovely to have the chance to take a small trip out of the city for a dip in the hot springs, but despite the rejuventating effects of the steam and soak, I still managed to get a bad head cold- my second sickness since my arrival!

Unfortunately it is seeming to be the kind of long, drawn out virus that is not quite bad enough to make me need to skip work, but still debilitating enough to make my head feel constantly foggy and my body constantly tired.

I guess some more rest is in order! I will be taking lots of vitamins hoping for good health, and maybe in the near future I will finally get to take that trip out to the beach that I have been wanting to have since my arrival in Taiwan!



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