Korean weekend

Due to various problems caused by a previous employer’s tax filing mistakes in Taiwan, on Friday I was forced to leave the country on a visa run and had to book a quick trip to the nearest place possible for the weekend- which ended up being Busan, Korea!

on my way to Korea!

I had only been informed that I needed to leave on Thursday, and because my landing visa expired on Saturday, I had to book a ticket late that night and fly out the next morning! My roommate Iris and I were scrambling online to try to find a ticket before the cut off time at midnight, and at 11:55pm, I was booked and ready to go for Friday morning! With no idea of what to expect of my weekend, I set off, planning to stay on the coast at Haeundae beach as I had been desperately wanting a beach vacation.

This location I had found simply after a quick wikitravel search on how to get around South Korea, and with another search I was able to find a hostel to stay in that was close to the beach.

I imagined myself wandering over to the beach by myself on Saturday, spending additional time in Internet cafes and wandering a bit around the area, but what followed was one wild night of partying, staying out and up to see the sunrise, and recovering from Friday’s adventures in exploring the local Korean nightlife on Haeundae beach most of Saturday.

I had met two girls from Canada soon after arriving at the hostel who were living on Jeju island, and had been just taking a trip to the mainland for a weekend visit. We instantly became friends- and the remainder of my stay was spent with them- having fun and enjoying my time in Haeundae however possible!

Haeundae city at night
the hostel where I stayed. 
exploring the fish market!
a spam gift box! haha
Haeundae beach in September. (thankfully not as crazy as it is during the summer months!)
korean barbeque.
and as a side-dish, silkworm larvae! I did eat it- but I can’t say that I liked it.
a crazy celebration of astro-turf walls! 
It was a wild weekend to say the least, and I was a bit surprised to find how at home I felt when returning back to Taiwan on Sunday! In the end I wish that I had more time to explore, but for less than 48 hours away, I knew that I couldn’t expect too much! Now that I am back in Taiwan, hopefully now I can stay. Either way, I will let you know what happens! 

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