Halloween Hempiness.

So there I was, sitting in my apartment with a case full of makeup, trying to figure out an original idea for a Halloween makeup look. At first I thought “zombie raver” and so started with lime green, but once the red and yellow ensued, I decided this look was destined to become a little more “rasta”. 
It’s a bit strange that I ended up with this look in the end- I guess you could say it appeared in a very “organic” way! Ha! And though I can’t say I’ve never ever ever in my life been a marijuana-smokin’ gal…honestly, it’s been years since I’ve touched the stuff! 
Maybe my subconscious was trying to tell me something, haha. 
Either way, here’s a crazy Halloween look that, paired with some scraggly green clothes and a messy head of hair is sure to be the talk of the party! (Although, it’s possible that you may get asked if you are stashing some along with you, haha)
Or…wait a few months and get extra festive on 4:20! 
Here are the step by step instructions on how to achieve this creative cannabis look:
(I used a wide angle lens for the up-close shots of my face, so sorry for the weird distortions!)
  • prime your eyes with a white eye-shadow primer base. get messy! it doesn’t matter, as long as it is covering your lids and under-eyes to help the shadow to look more vibrant and to stick to your skin so it lasts longer.

  • throw on some ultra bright green shadow! (the brighter the better)

  • add a darker green shadow to the outer edges of the light green, as well as a bright red color on the brow bone and blend together into the bright pale green.

  • add a dark green liner around the eyes, and blend together with the light green on the lid and underneath the eye.

  • blend, blend blend! and add a little more of the dark green liner to your lower water-line.

  • now take the dark green liner and draw lines the mimic the veins of a leaf that start at one central point and extend outward. (it may be helpful to use a photo of a cannabis leaf for reference)

  • now thicken the leaves with a lighter green shadow, adding depth to the shape of the frond.

  • now take a black liquid liner and add detail to the leaf, drawing in the veins and mimicking the ragged edges with messy strokes on the outside of the pieces of the leaf frond. (this is actually a lot easier than it looks. just add a few messy strokes and it will make a big difference!)

  • now for the other side- it is pretty much up to your discretion, but I prefer for this look to be asymmetrical, so I just did a sort of jagged pattern on the other side that complimented the shape of the leaf.

  • now add a red lip, and some mascara! I also added a bit of gold-tinted glitter to the leaf, my brow bone, and my lips for a warm glow. It’s up to you! 

and…you’re done! 
Maybe not the first look you think of when you think Halloween, but still fun! I think my bloodshot eyes added a bit more authenticity to the look! haha.
 There’s always the option of adding a zombie element to this look as well… 

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