Changes, changes. And changes ahead.

As you can see, it was time for some change. After two weeks of wondering what to do next, I made a decision!

I had never really felt that labeling my online recordings of creativity and nonsense to be strictly a “fashion blog” made total sense, so making a shift toward a more inclusive format and name just seemed more of what I had really wanted in the first place.

I guess I had always felt that the somewhat umbrella-term category of “fashion blog” also kept my posts limited to documenting only fashion-related things- but really what I wanted to share in this place is everything that inspires me.

I feel that what makes blogs stand out and interesting to the readers is a personal voice, and so I want to add more of my own perspective to my posts, in many different ways- including writing samples, recordings of more of my pursuits in art, spontaneity, discovery, travel, and whatever comes to mind!

I hope you like this new format- it just feels more…me.

Of course, I will still be adding outfit posts and style inspiration and all things fashiony- but that mixed along with some of the other things that I find beautiful, interesting and inspiring! So as a result, the blog will still include many fashion-related elements, but with a more artistic focus.

By the way, the new name, “Spark and Fizzle” is representative of the way I tend to find inspiration and create and move forward in life- in a constant series of bursts and decompressions. I think it makes an ideal fit.

Until next post-



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