wild eyes, new year.

Happy New Year!

This year has finally come to an end (while the world remained intact!) and now I find myself at the threshold of so many new beginnings.

As for myself, I have many exciting new plans for this upcoming year- starting with my move back to the U.S.! I will be returning on January 22nd, and will immediately be starting up a new round of classes-mainly focused in intermediate sewing and creative writing.

I am so happy and excited to be starting school once again, and I can’t wait to be back in the Bay Area, eating delicious sandwiches and hearing English spoken everywhere!

However, before my return, I plan to start with a new set of resolutions- that will propel me with a triumphant bang into the new year.

1. Sleep more!

I have found that over the past year, I have been surviving on generally seven hours of sleep per night- when really, I know that I am a person that truly requires nine to be fully functional and at my best!

2. Unleash more creativity!

This is something I hold back on at times- due to lack on inspiration, fear of criticism, and general slothfulness. It must end! I know that when it really comes down to it, a few weird stares don’t bother me too much at all- so on a day when I feel like making a raincoat of bubble wrap and wearing it out on the town- I am going to do it!

3. Follow through!

There are far too many goals to count that I have started with an intense desire and drive, and have sadly pittered out after a mere few weeks or even days. I want to start this year with following through with the goals that I set for myself- finishing projects, setting up schedules to work on the things I want to accomplish, and then basking in proud accomplishment when I reach these goals and see how much I have done!

4. Be more social!

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in whatever I am going through and dealing with, I forget to reach out to others that I can learn from, or share these experiences with in a meaningful and helpful way. I have long put off trying to make more friends that share similar interests with me, but I know that if I really reach out to meet others- only good things can follow.

5. Take care of myself. (however needed).

This means: exercise more, go to hot yoga, get massages, create art, write, breathe, eat healthfully, indulge, go on vacations, and do whatever is needed to give myself and my body what it needs. This is something I sometimes forget to do, and then end up suffering the consequences of built up stress and anxiety from not taking the time to decompress when I need to. Often when I am overwhelmed I end up being far too hard on myself, and the additional pressure of feeling that I failed my own expectations is only destructive. No more will I let this happen!

6. Take care of others.

Volunteer more, do charity runs, work in a soup kitchen, write a letter to someone I care about, visit relatives, take care of a sick friend, give compliments to strangers. How can I expect the world to be a wonderful place for me to be in if I am not willing to make it so for others?

So as you can see, I started a bit early with resolution number two: creativity- experimenting more with eye makeup and photography. However, I often get a bit bored of always using myself as the subject, so hopefully when I make my move back to the U.S. I can find some willing participants that will let me paint their faces and photograph them! Lately I have been feeling a lot of artistic curiosity in creating interesting makeup looks- so I am sure you will soon see more wild makeup looks to come!

What are your resolutions?



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