a recent photography project, in which I used tinsel and glitter to make a dramatic self portrait! + sugarpill cosmetics lashes in “stormy”

In honor of my one hundredth posting, I will be starting a new (loosely) bi-weekly section of my blog called, “inspirations” in which I share links to other blogs and discoveries that I have made that change the way I feel about the world in one way or another, effect me in some way (either profoundly or on a surface level) or things that I like that simply make me smile.


 animal masks.
There is something both beautifully fantastical and inherently creepy about these!

☆ a Barbie wedding.
Barbie and Ken finally tied the knot! these photos are so great.

☆ mermaids.
I have always loved the idea of mermaids (as a kid, I always wanted to be one! actually, I still do.) I remember loving this scene from Hook. Which leads me to…

☆ underwater fashion photography
It never fails to look completely magical. I was so excited to find this website completely dedicated to underwater photo shoots!

☆ wigs.
Maybe it’s the idea of instantly having a whole new look, maybe it’s the idea of changing your identity- I love wigs, and am dying to build a collection! Right now I have my eye on this one, this one and this one. Am also thinking of dying my hair pastel blue.

☆ thrift shopping.
As a girl on a budget, finding interesting and beautiful items for insanely cheap prices is always a good thing! (as long as they don’t smell weird.) Since I will soon no longer be immersed in a world of the insanely cheap fashion of Taipei, thrift shopping will be my go-to-shopping choice for fun new pieces to add to my closet.

☆ majorly colorful makeup.
Either to be worn as a slightly more outgoing everyday look, or as a form of artistic expression, makeup as an art form is incredibly inspiring to me. My absolute favorite brand for this is Sugarpill Cosmetics, and favorite makeup blogger is Rose Shock. I love the way she used pink shadow here, and did “man makeup” here!

Only a few days left in Taipei- I will be sure to do my best to take gazillions of pictures, have as many adventures as possible, and will then share them all with you!



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