After what ended up being a 43 hour flight and four layovers, suddenly I found myself slapped right back down onto U.S. soil once again.

As my flight plans hadn’t ended up going as expected (with 2 additional layovers and an overnight stay in Shanghai) it was no surprise that I was completely exhausted upon arrival- though with school starting that very same day- there was absolutely no time to rest.

But as my luck would have it, the classes I had been dreaming of continuing and taking for this next semester were suddenly full, and since being out of the country, I was unable to see a counselor beforehand to add the class online, or to put myself on the waiting list, the sentiment expressed so blatantly from the teachers was a cold, hard, “you’re out of luck”.

And, it seems that I am. But after feeling truly sorry for myself and whining about my misfortunes until I was convinced the world was plotting against me, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I realized that there was likely more that I could have done to prevent this situation, but I had been so overwhelmed at the time that anything else added to my platter (however important) had seemed far too much.

So now, amid finding a new job, finding an apartment, finding some way to continue my knowledge with sewing, I am still in the midst of utter chaos, but will push through, somehow.

I have one more class to try to break into today, and from there I will see what comes next. Along with smack in the face of jetlag, I have also been hit with great force with a heavy dose of reverse culture shock, and being tired beyond belief while simultaneously feeling an odd sensation of being uncomfortably aware of the strangeness of my surroundings has caused a constant mental state that feels a bit like dreaming while awake.

Here goes another day of finding a new place to fit in a new country!



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