All Bases Covered

Oakland, California- my new home.

Only a week now has passed since I have been back in the U.S., and already I have managed to enroll in school (starting the classes I have been dreaming of taking for months), become involved in what might turn out to be an excellent work opportunity, and find and secure a perfect apartment!

But of course none of this has happened without a lot of hard work, sweat and tears- begging teachers to let me into classes that had already filled up to capacity and had already started, looking and asking for new positions in fields of work I have always wanted to pursue, (yet have been too timid to apply to) and of course fighting tooth and nail for the perfect apartment- in the best location, with light-filled open spaces and rooftop access, overlooking the city, and at a fantastic price.

I had been so scared coming home, afraid of being stuck with none of these things that I wanted- afraid of not moving forward- and regretting my decision to return- but now I have found that all it took was an intense desire to work for what I wanted and the determination to succeed, even when it seemed like there was no hope to get everything in order in such a short amount of time.

And now I am in the the thick of it- and of course this new life jam-packed full of things that I want is still very demanding- but I am so happy to be doing it all that I barely even realize that it is such hard work.

So now, expect to hear soon about my upcoming (and very exciting!) adventures in the world of lingerie and bustier design (my current fashion design classes for the semester!) as well as the challenges and struggles of finding myself as a writer (which I plan to explore through my creative writing course) and the perks and pitfalls of living in the (other) city by the bay!

I hear that Oakland’s the new San Francisco!

I get the keys to my new place tonight, so I better get packing!



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