Fun with faux-hawks

As you know, I get bored with my hair color, style and length very quickly and love to change it often! So, dying to get the shaggy mess of unkempt wavy half-curls out of my face- I took another risk, and got a new punky sort of Mohawk/Faux-hawk haircut, and I love it!

I’m having fun finding different ways to style it!

Life is more fun when you take some chances!

I’ve been getting all sorts of comments about this new haircut already- there was quite a discussion going on this morning at the D.M.V, by two employees talking about whether this look would fit them too, since they liked it so much!

But… I think that my favorite comment was from the boyfriend, saying that I look like “an eighties punk vixen”, haha!

What do you think?



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