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Here are some ideas, funny little tidbits and things to try that sparked my interest!

(Whoops, this post ended up officially published a little late- I am hoping that everything in my life will calm down a bit soon, and I can focus a little more on blogging!)

-beautiful kitchen organization and awesome crafts made with mason jars- shown here, here and here. Having a new apartment has made me really excited about decorating and organizing in fun and interesting ways!

-a celebration that is about spending time with your friends- and throwing a super cute, ultra pink brunch, like the one shown here.

-indulging in CHOCOLATE.

-a restoration of faith in humanity that can be gained through looking at touching photos.

-giving into a small addiction to buzzfeed lead me to this, haha. And this. and this is something I will certainly have to try!

-awards show dresses! I had fun looking at Grammys dresses here…looking forward to seeing more Oscars dresses tonight! Will be checking them out here later this evening after doing a little more school work.

These past few weeks, as some of you may know- though I was so excited to move into my new and wonderful apartment- almost immediately I found that it was infested with cockroaches! Terrible.

I had thought that the old building (a more than 100- year old historical landmark) was so charming, but I soon found out with all the cracks and holes in the walls that nothing is perfect- and sometimes you just have to deal with the hand you are dealt!

So, after a while of trying to get rid of them in various ways- yesterday we buckled down and finally got an exterminator to spray. I am hoping that this is finally the end of it… and that I can soon feel comfortable in my new home! I am so excited to start cooking and setting things up but have been so hesitant- afraid that I will find unwelcome little creatures in all my things! It is certainly not the best way to move into a new apartment, but I am determined to get rid of them!

Hopefully by the next post we will be completely bug-free!

P.S. thinking of changing my hair again soon… like this. I might be making a blonde comeback in the next couple of months! we’ll see.



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