Foiling Around

Happy Thursday!

I finally took the time to edit and post these photos I took of  my friend Joyce during my last week in Taiwan- pretty crazy, eh? I like the idea of wearing wild looks like this out in public- I know that when I see other people taking chances and being really creative it brightens my day. I bet there would be some great responses from others if I were to try it out!

For this makeup look, I wanted to try using unconventional materials to create a sort of ethereal, mermaid-like feeling, so out came the aluminum foil! Up close it’s easy to tell what it is, but from far away it just looks almost like shiny scales growing out of her skin- which is what I was going for.

I love the way the bright colors look against her skin- I had a lot of fun playing around with my new Sugarpill “heartbreaker” eyeshadow palette, which is absolutely fantastic! The colors glide on so smoothly and have so much vibrancy- even in a single layer! I also used Sugarpill’s “angel baby” false lashes for her eyes, making the look stand out even more! I heard so many rave reviews of their makeup so I finally decided to try it out for myself- and now I can understand why- it is simply fabulous.

I love playing around with makeup and photography- hopefully once I get a little more settled in my new apartment I can try to create some more interesting looks!

By the way…the terrible cockroach situation seems to be completely handled and under control now- I think we finally conquered them- what a mess! It was such a disappointment to find out that the beautiful new apartment (in a lovely old building) I moved into was infested, but getting rid of them (not an easy task! they are pretty invincible-) made me feel like I can do anything! haha. I’m so glad that’s over…now I can relax!

Fingers crossed…

Have a lovely rest of the week!



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