Photo-photo-photo-shoot… madness!

above: practice photography self-portrait photoshoot titled: “yeah, uh-huh, okay, whatever” 

So much has been happening lately! (I feel like I am always saying that- but it is always true!) 
I am getting more and more settled into my lovely new apartment, and have been having time to cook and enjoy just being at home lately which has been so fantastic. I have been finding myself to be so much more of a homebody these days! However, there has still been quite a lot going on in school, (in my lingerie-making class and creative writing class) and along with working on a new short story, I am now choosing the fabrics and getting further into the construction of my bustier! 
Just in the past week I also got to see my boyfriend’s band play for the first time, which was beyond exhilarating! He was incredible- and I am so excited to see him perform again!
Outside of school, I am still on the hunt for the ideal job that fits my interests perfectly and is in the area, and pays enough to cover my rent! I will let you know as the search continues. I was actually offered a great position in the lovely area of downtown Burlingame, but realized that the commute would be over an hour each way, which is much too far!
Meanwhile, I have been squeezing in the opportunity to do a lot of photography lately, both self portraits (shown above, taken on my rooftop) and of others, and the scenery of the city! I actually really love having the chance to practice taking photos- it is a serious hobby of mine that I find simultaneously very stimulating and surprisingly relaxing!
And, in very exciting news, I was asked by Kathleen van der Spek (a local fashion designer who I interned for a year ago, her website is here) to do the official photography for her Spring 2013 collection which I did just yesterday! If you have been following my blog for a while, you may remember then that I used to intern for Kathleen, and helped do the hair and styling for her last photo-shoot for the Fall-Winter 2012 collection which are up on the site right now. 
Although it was a very small few pieces, it was so great to have the chance to take some photos of a model and practice being in that environment, since there is a strong likelihood that I might want to steer myself in that direction! I will post some of those photos soon, but you can see a couple of previews here on my instagram. Also, the photos will be up on her website soon as well! I will be sure to link again when I see them.
These above, are for a shoot I did (alone, taking the photos with a  tripod and a remote on a timer) for an outfit posting for (seen here) and for practice! I love the way these turned out, and the transformative possibilities that photography offers. Seeing these without ever knowing me you might think I was someone completely different! 

P.S. check out (and hype!) this look on here, and see my other recent looks here!

I will post more photos of my other looks soon as well. I was able to get one in for each day the past week!

But now it’s off to bed, for another busy day tomorrow!



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