Outfit Post: Ruffles and Bowlers- & "How to be a Lady"

After the first more alternative shoot I did at my new apartment, naturally to follow, I wanted to do something that was completely opposite- and try to make myself look as cleaned-up and “lady-like” as possible, trying for a “retro-librarian-pinup” sort of image for some more photography practice!

While thinking about lady-like things, I decided to google “how to be a lady” just for kicks, and found this! I guess google really can teach you everything. And then I wanted to look at this for the second time! The first time I read it I laughed out loud.

I am hoping to find some friends around Oakland who will let me dress them up and photograph them- there are so many things I want to do with photography now- but doing it all by myself is so difficult!

Here is the post on lookbook.nu. Have a lovely lovely Saturday!



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