Blonde-haired lady!

Once again, I decided to surprise you all, and completely change my hair- and my entire look!

After nearly a year of black locks- I found myself ready for a change- and while looking forward to spring and sunshine, wanted something lighter, and decided that blonde would be the way to go!

Despite so many people encouraging me to go to the salon to have it done professionally, the do-it-yourselfer in me decided to take on the challenge alone- breaking out the bleach and looking up a few how-tos to get started! As it turned out, I did not approach the process the way that I should have, and ended up taking wayyy too much bleach to my hair in the initial stages instead of removing the color first. Now I know exactly what would have been the correct way to do it, so next time I will be ready to go!

But, I had actually kinda been dying to nearly shave my head anyway, so when the ends got all frizzed up and were about to fall out, I decided to just go ahead and chop them all off!

I am really happy with the result! I had been missing my blonde hair lately, and it’s a fun change to return to it! Though I originally had wanted to go to a darker blonde, the platinum is really fun- so I think I will stick with it for a while.

Now that I have it all figured out, maybe I should do a tutorial!

What do you think?



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