Kathleen Van Der Spek Spring 2013 Photo-shoot

These are a few of my favorite photos from the Spring 2013 shoot I did with local fashion designer Kathleen Van Der Spek a couple of weeks ago.

I was so happy when she asked me to photograph her collection, as I have had such a wonderful time working with her in the past. (Remember this?)

I love that all of Kathleen’s designs are so elegant and chic- without every being stuffy or uncomfortable! Her design aesthetic is very modern, yet somehow each style has a sense timelessness to it that makes her clothing so versatile, and such a great investment- as it never looks dated or overly trendy!

I also love that all of Kathleen’s designs are manufactured locally- at a factory right in the heart of San Francisco. I actually went there myself and met the seamstresses which was a great experience- and I can tell you first hand that there is none of the overworked, abusive labor that goes on in much of the fashion production that is created overseas in large factories in China and other countries- just ladies making clothes in a funky warehouse in SOMA. I am so happy to have had the chance to learn about fashion production on so many levels while working with Kathleen.

During the shoot I had so much fun trying out the different angles and playing with the light reflector in order to get the best shots for this collection and I think they turned out really well! It was also great to be working professionally with a model for the first time- it made the photography so much easier when she already knew what to do to make the clothes look their best!

(You can view the styles I shot on her website here.)

She even gave me the honor of having one of the dresses named after me! (The black and white chevron striped dress is named the “Camille” dress, and the flowered “Nia” dress is named after the model). What a lovely surprise!

This opportunity has made me very curious and excited about pursuing photography more in my ongoing, ever-changing relationship with fashion- and I find that building experience in different areas of the field allows me to be a lot more flexible in terms of future work. Plus, I have a lot of fun changing my role around to see what I like best!

So far I have been a stylist, sample-maker, seamstress, marketing coordinator, production assistant, hair stylist, photographer, assistant designer, and web content developer!

What will I do next? You’ll just have to wait and see!



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