Like a Bird.

So much is happening now- and I find myself constantly caught up in all of it- happily anticipating what might be coming next!

I am ecstatic over the photos from the underwater shoot from a couple of weeks ago- and I can’t wait to see what we can come up with this Sunday for the second shoot! So far I have put together some fabrics that I think will work nicely in the water, and have picked up a dress that should work really well too- I love being involved with the creative projects of others! I get a strange sort of energy from it… excitement mixed with nervousness- but overall a very positive feeling.

I have also been asked to be a part of a couple of other upcoming photo-shoots- (on land this time) and I am curious to see what will come of it all! I decided to practice doing some different poses to prepare- and came up with some cheesy new looks (as you can see above)! haha. This also helped.

The weather in Oakland has been so sunny and warm every day this past week, and every day I feel more and more like it is summer. I am dying to plan some fun little excursions for the next few months, but since I am still not completely settled yet, that may not be the best idea. I guess we’ll see! 



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