Springtime Happiness and Photography Fun

see this look at lookbook.nu here

So many new and interesting things are on the horizon- I’ve been collaborating with a lot of photographers lately, and participating in a lot of fun photo-shoots- including one where I am wearing a pink ballgown in a cathedral, and another where I will be turned into Medusa using 3-D graphics!

I can’t wait to see how these turn out! I also have another shoot this next Sunday for the second trial of the underwater fashion photography project with Alexis Coram. I have a lot of new fabrics lined up for us to use- in beautiful bright colors! It should be great.

I’ve found that Scrap SF has been an excellent resource for finding cheap fabrics to play around with. I was able to find quite a bit of white gauzy fabric for the underwater shoot, as well as some cute pale pink cotton knit for a skirt I am making! While rummaging around in all their bins of lost treasures and discarded trinkets, I came across this cute flower crown, and instantly decided that it had to be mine.

I had been looking online for a flower crown for a while (and also considered making my own) but all of the ones I saw were $25 or more, and I couldn’t seem to find any fake flowers that didn’t look tacky. Luckily, the lovely cashier at Scrap gave this one to me for free! What a find!

I tried styling it here with a sort of summery retro/pin-up look, even adding a beauty mark to my makeup just for fun.

I’ll be sure to let you know how the photo-shoots go, and have a great Cinco de Mayo!



3 thoughts on “Springtime Happiness and Photography Fun

  1. Thanks Jules! I've found that the high-waisted shorts style is actually pretty universally flattering, especially paired with a waist-cinching belt and heels! I'm sure you could definitely rock them with no problem! I live in the Bay Area too- (just across the bay from you- in Oakland!) so I know what you mean about those chilly summer days, but I often carry a pair of cute tights with me in my bag in case the warm weather takes an unexpected turn. Let me know if you give it a try!

    By the way, your dog is adorable!

    From a fellow dog-lover,



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