A Little Net and Wonder

While searching for fabrics and textures to use for my next underwater photo-shoot with Alexis, I came across a large piece of black netting that seemed like it might be interesting for another use!

I have always loved the way that a bit of black netting looks when draped across the front of the face hanging beautifully from an elegant spectator, or a hat or just anything atop the head, but thought it might be interesting to see what it would look like to create an entire headpiece just from the material alone!

This is what I came up with. And with a few strategically placed bobby pins, I think that this could make for a very interesting accessory to wear out on the town!

I love creating odd and interesting new characters in my mind while experimenting with different ways to reinvent myself- which I suppose is a way that my fashion and writing intersect. (I am also a fiction writer, by the way!) I thought of this character as being an incredibly rich socialite and new widow (having recently come into the exhorbitantly large inheritance of a massive estate with the death of her husband). She is obsessed with money, image, and always being at the height of fashion. She is intimidating and powerful, and uses her sexuality as a weapon to control those who can bring her more of the power she craves.

Coincidentally, this character almost perfectly matches the “evil queen” character from a movie I just saw a couple of days ago, Blancanieves (Spanish for “Snow White”) which I highly recommend seeing! Unfortunately the trailer doesn’t really do the film much justice.

However, if you are someone who spends long hours of the day painting images in your imagination of beautiful, wonderful and frightening things (as I do) you will love the visually stunning images of this perfectly captured reworking of the famous fairy-tale.

I had actually taken these photos a couple of weeks ago, before I had seen the movie, or even heard of it- yet, the poster image of the film portrays an ominous close up of the queen, wearing a black veil over her face!

I also absolutely loved Charlize Theron’s portrayal of the evil queen in 2012’s Snow White and the Huntsman, another film that I would also highly recommend seeing even for the costumes and visual imagery alone! Perhaps somewhere in the back of my mind while styling this look I was thinking of the queen from this classic fairy tale without ever realizing it.

(I just received a comment from the boyfriend that these pictures make me look like an “evil princess” before he was able to even read any of this text! Perfect. He was actually the one who suggested that we see the film- for which I am very grateful, as I probably wouldn’t have discovered it on my own!)

What do you think of this daring new look?



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