Great Gatsby!

Last night my dear friend Arianna and I made a plan to go out and see the highly anticipated “The Great Gatsby” while, of course, dressing to fit the theme!

We had both really wanted to see it the previous weekend, but had both been so busy that there was absolutely no way we could have done it. But, it was better late than never, and of course we still wanted to go all out!

Dressing up in strange costumes has always been an odd hobby of mine, and so it only seemed right that we wore a bunch of wild 1920’s garb to go out and see the film. The dress I wore was a piece that I had found at a thrift shop a couple of weeks ago, that I purchased to wear for the next underwater photo-shoot with Alexis Coram (which happened just earlier today!) It actually fit the 20’s theme quite well, so I was very happy that I was able to find another use for it!

As for the makeup, we did a little research and looked through many old photos of famous actresses of the time, and tried to mimic the thin rounded eyebrow, cupid’s bow lip and heavily charcoaled eye, of the popular look during the time. I think it came out well, (while a bit intense, and not the most flattering makeup look for me) nearly right on the mark for what I was trying to do!

When we got to the theater, Arianna quickly rushed to the theater to save us seats, and I went to the concession stand to get something to eat. While I waited for my food, several people were looking at me with curiosity for a few minutes, whispering to each other about my unusual look, and finally asked if I came from a wedding. I thought it might be a fun and silly trick to make up a story, so I told them that I had just run from my own wedding ceremony, and needed a quiet escape to clear my mind, which is how I ended up at the movies! With this response a few gasps and shocked looks came from the crowd at what I had said, and so laughing, and not wanting to alarm them, I quickly reassured the concerned bunch of moviegoers that that wasn’t true at all, and that I was dressing up in 1920’s style clothing to see The Great Gatsby! To this, they seemed very relieved and told me that I looked great! 

As the theater was very crowded and we arrived only just on time for the film, Arianna and I were forced to sit in the third row back from the screen, which offered a very unpleasant closeness to the action that made me very dizzy several times as the movie progressed. However, the movie did offer the lovely lavish scenes of extravagance that I had wanted, though I didn’t quite enjoy the director’s choice of contemporary music to accompany the action.

It certainly wasn’t the best film I have ever seen (or a perfect adaptation of the novel), but it was very entertaining and was filled with beautiful costumes, which is all that I really wanted from the experience.

Have you seen The Great Gatsby yet? What did you think?



P.S. Photos from today’s underwater shoot are coming soon!

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