Blue Lady

photo by Alexis Coram

This past weekend I met with Alexis Coram for another underwater photo-shoot!

This is the first resulting photo that she has sent me (higher quality image coming soon) – and I am very happy to see that the practice from the first shoot has clearly paid off! It seemed like the entire photo-shoot just went by so quickly this time- and it was so much easier to get things done than it had been the first time around.

The dress shown in the picture was a funky party dress (that looked like it might be from the 1980’s) that I picked up at Goodwill, and styled with an additional piece of fabric to create a sort of “tail” that would flow and create interesting shapes in the water as I moved.

This time around I had a bit more of an idea of what was involved in shooting underwater, and I felt much more at ease throughout the process. I also made a point this time of choosing clothing that would not weigh me down too much, as a couple of the dresses made me feel a bit like I was drowning in the first shoot!

It hadn’t been until I had changed into the last outfit, (which was basically just a piece of a skirt and tank top) that I felt a bit more comfortable- and that was at the very end (photo shown here) of the shoot, after a couple of hours in the water, when we were already both very tired and very cold.

However, this past Sunday I was much more prepared- this time knowing exactly what to expect. As a result I opened my eyes a bit easier, I was able to hold my breath longer, and created the poses more naturally because I was so much more comfortable with the entire experience.

Now I am very excited to see the other photos! Which one do you like the most so far?



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