Coffee and a Chat with Jules of "Canines and Couture"

I just loved her sweater- perfect for the occasion! 

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Jules of Canines and Couture. She was stylish, sweet and beautiful- and we had such fun chatting and having brunch together in a cozy spot in Old Oakland, while sharing our own stories and possible project collaboration ideas for the future.

Though I have found that blogging creates a lot of opportunities to meet people online, getting to know other bloggers face-to-face isn’t quite as easy- so it was fantastic to finally meet up with someone who shares my love of fashion (and also has a sweet spot in her heart for adorable dogs)! As a fellow dog lover myself, I can’t help but smile at the cute and lovable pooches she features on her blog, including her own adorable English bulldog, Rufus!

We had some breakfast, snapped some photos, and decided that we would definitely meet up again soon, and would help each other out taking some interesting and different outfit shots in different spots around the Bay Area! (You’re probably getting a bit tired of seeing my rooftop anyway, right?)

I’m looking forward to our next meeting and fun collaboration!

Stay tuned for some great upcoming outfit photos we will be shooting together around the sights and scenes of San Francisco and Oakland! I already know that Jules and I will make a great team.

And don’t forget to check out her blog- Canines and Couture, a fun mix of the love of dogs with an eye for fashion! Now I am even more tempted to get a pooch of my own!

+ I love this super cute post she wrote about Spark and Fizzle and our morning brunch 🙂



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