Subaquatic Vision: A Collection of Images by Alexis Coram

For those of you who have been following my blog or facebook for the past couple of months, you may already know all about my adventures in underwater photography with the very talented Alexis Coram
This project been a fantastic collaboration in which the photography of Alexis Coram paired with my styling and modeling has produced a collection of images that are so incredibly beautiful, it is hard to believe that they are capturing any sort of reality. Alexis has such a fantastic vision through her photography that each picture, rather than validating the known, appears to project a world of ethereal beauty that might be found instead through the inner workings of the unbound  imagination.
I have already shown a few of the images already, but wanted to share some of the newer photos in a  full collection through a single post so that you can view them all at once! Enjoy. 

Don’t forget to follow Alexis on facebook here to see her other amazing work!

And also check our this cute post that Jules of Canines and Couture wrote about me and Spark and Fizzle today- she is so sweet and lovely- I can’t wait for our next meetup and photography session!



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