Behind-the-Scenes: Post Apocalyptic Concept Shoot

Last night I modeled for a concept shoot with that was created with the idea of portraying a look of “post-apocalypse fashion” intermixed with some tribal influences.

While getting my hair and makeup done, I had no idea of what the final look would be- and it was a lot of fun to see just how extreme it kept on getting with each step! (Especially when the giant dreadlocks came out, as you can imagine!)

I really loved the final look, and can’t wait to see the resulting photos from the shoot!

And after many months in Oakland, I am finally taking a trip out to the country! Hank and I are going to be staying in the central valley visiting my aunt and uncle. We plan on enjoying the sunshine, river rafting, spelunking through caves, and maybe even taking a trip over to Yosemite!

A trip out of the city and a few days away sounds really nice right now.



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