Shifting Focus and Moving Forward

A quick photo I took of the beautiful Stanislaus River while rafting this past weekend

After spending a weekend away in the country, coming back feels a bit like I am pressing restart and honing in again on what I want to accomplish here in the Bay Area. It’s funny how taking a break can sometimes create so much more productivity and positive focus than just pushing something all the way through without stopping.

A bit of reflection can often be a huge help in paving the way through accomplishing larger goals to make sure I am staying on track, as it is far too easy to make excuses and stopping points along the way when pursuing many lofty creative endeavors at once!

Lately I have found that another great way to move forward with building creativity in my life is to surround myself with others that inspire me. Though it may sound trite to those who have heard this suggestion time and time again, building a field of creative energy through those you spend your time around can make an unbelievably huge difference in how you perceive the world and its possibilities.

I find that being around people who spark this energy in me makes me feel as though there are limitless opportunities for creating and doing wonderful things- and recognizing this feeling after a meetup or discussion is a good way to assess that I am making positive choices.

When I begin to feel like this every day, then I will know that I am really doing things right. It’s still so difficult to know exactly what I want to do with my future, but there are many things in the meantime that I want to accomplish along the way, including:

♥ Writing and publishing an autobiographical novel of (at least some of) my travels (I have the beginning written here so far)

♥ Writing and publishing a collection of short stories that deal with identity and gender and sexuality (and so far I have two stories written for this)

♥ Traveling more! (Keeping in mind Spain, Canada, Mexico, Chile, The Netherlands, Morocco, Greece, Cuba and India as perhaps my next few destinations!)

♥ Acquiring a ukulele and learning how to play it. (the only instrument I can currently play is the flute, and the ukulele seems like a lot more fun! Plus I want to write music and lyrics which I will sing while playing, and that is pretty much impossible with the flute, haha)

♥ Making a full collection of clothes for a clothing line (including at least two tops, a dress, a pair of pants and a pair of shorts!)

♥ Taking an acting class. (I LOVED taking these as a kid, and think that an improvisation class would be a blast!)

♥ Taking a sailing class, and learning the basics!

♥ Taking yoga classes (at least semi-regularly)

♥ Sailing somewhere far away and wonderful. (Perhaps with one of my sources of inspiration-and new friend- Glenda!)

♥ Taking several dance classes- (including swing, salsa, belly-dancing and burlesque!)

♥ Making beautiful and creative pieces of art! (Drawings, photographs, printed t-shirts, pottery, mixed media sculpture… whatever!)

♥ Experiencing New York Fashion Week firsthand! Or Paris Fashion Week, or both!

♥ Throwing fabulous themed parties (the first I want to have is a “gentleman’s party” where everyone, male and/or female dresses as their idea of a “proper gentleman” haha)

♥ Practicing language- (of the two I speak- French and Chinese, to the point where I feel much more comfortable in conversation with either or both languages)

♥ More modeling and getting involved in the creative projects of others! (which is great for building creative energy while simultaneously helping people with their goals and building a portfolio of my own!)

With these things in mind, I have a lot to accomplish, but I also have so much to be excited about! And of course alongside all this will keep doing all the little things that make me happy and continue pressing forward!

What has inspired you lately?



3 thoughts on “Shifting Focus and Moving Forward

  1. thank you, Trinity! I just checked out your blog- I love your sense of style, and the photos that you take inspiration from. All those things inspire me too!



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