Photo-shoot with 8 West Clothing

About a week ago I participated in a photo-shoot for 8West Clothing, an up and coming t-shirt line that is based in the Bay Area. Though the “tee and jeans” look isn’t usually what I might go for as an everyday ensemble, I thought it might be a fun experience when they asked me to model for them to update their website with some new styles!

Don’t I look so clean-cut and wholesome? Haha.

I had fun trying on all the tops, and the photographer was very friendly and nice, making the whole experience very easy-going and enjoyable! I also got to take home some cute free tees- which was a nice little bonus.

I was actually a little surprised when I saw the photos, realizing how different I look with so little makeup and a very simple, laid-back outfit! (Not to mention along with magically smooth airbrushed skin!) I also look a little curvier than I normally am… probably due to all the fantastic food I have been eating while visiting my family these past few weeks, haha!

It’s funny how a photograph (or a few photos) can allow you to see such a different side of yourself that you may not normally ever be exposed to. It is definitely one of the reasons that I enjoy modeling- it’s a fun way to constantly reinvent myself through the lens of the camera- and also an easy and quick way to make some extra money (and sometimes get free clothes too!)

I also have a few more fun photo-shoots coming up this weekend- one where I will be transformed into a magical fruit-human (seriously! you’ll just have to wait to see it!) another for a wild makeup look, and one more where I might be a chef!

I’m especially excited about the fruit one…you can see some of the photographer’s other work here.

But for the time being, I am working on another short story, (I’m a writer too!) and since I am reading it in class tomorrow and still haven’t finished writing it, I better get back to work!



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