Photo-shoots and Work Pursuits

Image by Steven Wrigley Warner Photography
In these past couple of weeks I have been very busy embarking on lots of new and exciting things in my life! This has included participating in lots of photo-shoots, expanding my horizons with work, and doing lots of writing! 
Remember how in my last post I mentioned working on a short story? Well, last week I finished it, and in the final edits decided on suddenly changing the whole thing from a love story into a horror/mystery (horror like in Alfred Hitchcock films, not the ‘blood and guts’ of contemporary “horror” movies) – a genre I have never tried before! I was then very nervous about reading it aloud in class, but ending up receiving so many positive responses that I was actually told that I should continue writing horror-themed fiction in my upcoming work! Hmm, I might give it a try! 
The first piece I had previously read to them a couple of months ago was actually the reworkings of this travel blog I had started while living in Taiwan, and was told that some of descriptions of the many places I had looked while apartment hunting were so creepy and unsettling that maybe it was only natural that my most recent work turn a turn that way as well!
But whether in writing or in anything else, it is such an exhilarating feeling to try something so completely new and unfamiliar and find that it actually works out so much better than you had imagined! I think that this has really been the case with modeling as well- and I really would never have known what the outcome would have been if I had never put myself out there to try!
There have been so many exciting shoots I have been doing recently with this- I can’t wait to show you all the pictures! Just last week over the weekend I did a shoot where I was transformed into a sort of magical watermelon (check out my instagram here and here for a preview) and got to watch another shoot where live worms were placed in giant wigs of the models in a sort of “rotten Marie Antoinette” look! I also did a photo-shoot with a makeup artist last week who created a sort of futuristic look with white makeup completely covering my eyes (preview here) where I ended up posing with a boa constrictor! It was actually much cuter than I would have ever expected a snake to be, but did end up trying to strangle me a little, haha. And in another shoot, I was dressed up in an outfit that was “grunge and 90s reminiscent” for a funky street style look (preview here), so as you can see- I’ve been very busy, and will have lots of fun photos to show you soon! 
I also had the pleasure of meeting up with Jules of Canines and Couture again, and we did a fun little photography session over at the San Francisco Embarcadero. It’s always such fun hanging with her! I’ve been so swamped that I haven’t looked through those pictures quite yet, but will be posting them soon as well! 
I’ve also been spending a lot of time over in Santa Cruz for work- checking out some funky and fun new boutiques for the showroom. I always love visiting Santa Cruz- the beautiful weather and laid back surfer vibe is such a fun, positive atmosphere to be around! Walking on Pacific Avenue made me miss living there so much! (My last two years of undergrad were spent at UC Santa Cruz!- and first two at UC Santa Barbara).
Anyway, now I’m off to explore some Berkeley boutiques- always on the move! 
Are you looking forward to seeing all the wild photography from all these crazy shoots? I certainly am!

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