Bending Over Backwards

Photo by Alexis Coram

It’s another quick update from another busy week- as some of the photos from recent shoots are coming in, it’s exciting to see all the new and interesting prints, but so hard to keep up with posting them with everything else that is happening right now!

Have you ever felt so busy that the moment you finally feel you have a chance to breathe and decompress at the end of the day is so late that you are forced to try to get straight to sleep to squeeze in only an adequate amount of rest before your next long busy day-(for weeks at a time)?

It’s exhausting! But, I’m happy to say that however much it may be, mostly it’s a good kind of busy, where I end up being very productive through all of the hard work!

And in the midst of it all, I received this photo from the last shoot I did with Alexis Coram– another one I hadn’t seen before! I was happy to find that a picture came through with the red dress that I brought for that shoot, as I knew that the vibrancy of the color would look great against the cool blue backdrop of the reflections of the water. I actually also kind- of like the fact that you can tell that I am holding my breath here, as it shows a better representation in this post of how I feel at the moment!

But now I am off to work again, so I will leave you with this, and with the promise that lots of new and exciting photos are coming… soon!


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