Watermelon Photo-shoot!

MUA : Melanie Leandro

By now you have heard several times about the “Watermelon Photo-shoot” I have been mentioning in previous posts, and now I have the photos to show you!

This concept of creating a “watermelon person” came about as a visual interpretation of ideas from the extraordinarily creative mind of Sam Breach. Sam is not only a very sweet and lovely person, but also an incredibly talented digital artist, carrying the impressive resume of working on digital imagery in such films as Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Pirates of the Caribbean (to name only a few!) When I first approached Sam about working with her, she already had several wonderful ideas already planned out for different fantastical images to set to life, but it was her suggestion that I be a part of the watermelon-themed shoot.

At the first explanation I had a difficult idea of understanding just what she meant by dressing as a watermelon while in a pool of water, but I was very curious to see where it might go!

From trying to interpret the initial concept to throwing on the pink dress with dots to sitting in a kiddie pool of water, it was a strange and unusual process to reach this end, but I am very happy that I trusted her skills and took the steps needed to reach such fantastic results! The photos really did turn out beautifully, and I am excited to see the final processed image of the main photo she edited, which, with the inclusion of added effects, will better express some of her digital artistry skills.
What do you think? Which shoot do you like most so far? (There are a few more to come!) 

2 thoughts on “Watermelon Photo-shoot!

  1. it reminds me of the taiwanese film “a wayward cloud” in which the whole city (kaoshiung i think) experiences a drought. all anyone can drink is watermelon juice. there are some uber conceptional scenes in that one. hi from taiwan!


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