September Snow and October Change

A quick photo I took as we drove up the mountain.

A couple of weeks ago, right smack in the middle of all that was stressful, I suddenly realized that summer was nearly over, and that I hadn’t taken the time to organize and plan the fantastic summer excursion that I had been waiting for all year. And so, hoping to catch those last few days of beautiful sunshine and cool refreshing dips in the lake, I packed up a quick bag of bikinis and cutoff shorts, grabbed a few friends, and set off on a weekend trip to Tahoe to stay at my family’s cabin. The weather had warned that there were chances of thunderstorms, but thinking that that would mean a little bit of warm rain and a fun bit of lightning at night to finish off a couple of hot sunny days of relaxation, it was no deterrent to putting off the trip any longer.

It only took a few hours to get there, and as the car curved up and around the mountains, we rolled down the windows and inhaled gratefully, appreciating the crisp clean forest air that we had missed since our last trip. That night we all went to bed with thoughts of laying on giant boulders overlooking the beauty of Lake Tahoe, feeling the sun on our stomachs, and swimming in the clear blue water.

But when we woke the next morning, the sky was full of clouds, and watched with astonishment as the heavy drops of rain that fell, changed suddenly, before they hit the ground into small white drips, that rested in soggy clumps on the deck outside. We couldn’t believe our eyes. It was only September, yet it seemed to be snowing outside!

As soon as we realized what was happening, we piled into the car, and drove up the mountain a bit, hoping a slight change in elevation might allow for more snowfall. And it did- it was only about a mile before we saw houses and trees and cars all covered with a thin veil of powder! There was something about that scene that struck a chord with me- suddenly I realized how change can be so beautiful- even when it comes about in strange and unexpected ways. Over the past few months I have been having a lot of difficulty with change- and moving past things that no longer feel right in my life- or forward from things that hold me back, so there was something about the unexpected snowfall that seemed so perfect- and felt so right in that moment.

Not only did I realize that I need to accept and embrace change in my life, I also was reminded of how much I missed visiting the cabin during the beautiful snowy season (since last year I was in Taiwan for the winter). I’m sure I will be back again soon!

Have you ever had an incredibly hard time letting go of something that was no longer right for you?



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