Skeleton Makeup Tutorial for a Last-Minute Ultra-Rad Halloween costume!

My finished look- as “Skeleton Little Red Riding Hood”
Still can’t figure out what to be for Halloween night? Try out this awesome skull makeup for an instant costume that is equal parts frightening and fascinating!

This is another look that I created in a post from last year’s Halloween makeup tutorials, and so amid the extreme amount of things I have going on at the moment, I thought I would share this next little re-post until I can find some time to catch up! Earlier this week and last weekend I attended my first fashion market (which was very fun and exciting- which I will blog about soon!) and this week I am searching for a new place to live among the thousands of other twenty-somethings fighting for an apartment in the ultra-competitive Bay Area housing market!

So if you are as busy as I am right now, this might end up being the perfect costume- which requires about an hour and a half of makeup-time, but other than that, very little else to put together a fastastically frightening Halloween look!

This is the finished look (that’s me on the right, along with my two close friends, Iris and Sharon!)

the creepy three!

For a little extra help, this video also provides a great tutorial, but check out the full post below with step-by-step images for makeup application.

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