Easy Mermaid Makeup for Halloween!

Doesn’t my friend Joyce look radiant?

This is actually also a re-post of a look I created last year, which I decided to put up again once I realized that this would be the perfect makeup for a mermaid costume! And all you need is some green and blue eyeshadow, a pair of false eyelashes, some eyelash glue, a few plastic rhinestones, and some tin foil! (All of which you can get with a quick trip to the local drugstore for under $10!)

The look is so easy to create that you don’t even really need any instructions except to tear the tin foil into little pieces and use the eyelash glue to stick it to one area of a cheek to resemble scales. Add a few rhinestones along with the foil using the glue as well. And…voila! Insta-mermaid!

(See the full post here.)



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